Stacy London Shares Exclusive Style Tips

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1 - Stacy London Shares Exclusive Style Tips

When the ever-fabulous Stacy London breezed through Bethesda’s Montgomery Mall on April 14 as part of the Westfield Style Tour, she and her Style for Hire team eagerly offered up tips for dressing well. Read on to find out what to toss, what to embrace—and how London really feels about style on the Hill.

You’re back in DC after launching Style for Hire here in 2010. What is your take on DC’s fashion sense?
STACY LONDON: It’s a cross-section of different styles. Style has played a much bigger role in this administration. There are a lot of reasons why Michelle Obama gets compared to Jackie O. She’s paving a way for herself, showing her arms, wearing very modern designers, and it has set the tone for Washingtonians to feel like they can be a little bit more experimental.

Who would you crown “most improved” in terms of style in the political arena?
SL: That’s a tough one…. But in terms of menswear, the president is amazing. Not because he takes so many chances in color or patterns or anything, but he knows how to get a suit tailored. In menswear, it's all about micro-styling.

You provide tons of style lessons on What Not to Wear, but have you learned anything about dressing from the fashion-challenged subjects on the show?
SL: That style is never just about the clothes…especially when people are dressing in a way that doesn’t allow them to live up to their potential. It has so much more to do with the way they feel than how they look.

What do you hope shoppers will take away from meeting with you on the Westfield Style Tour?
SL: I don’t care about trends…fashion changes every six months because the idea is to get you to buy new things. How you choose to wear them? That is personal choice. I like to teach how to flatter your figure, know what is appropriate for your age and your lifestyle, and then you can plug in any trend at all. I want shoppers to understand that a mall can be their best friend as long as they’ve got a strategy… so that they can really enjoy shopping again…and feel smart about the way they have invested their money.

Don’t miss the second visit from London’s Style for Hire team at Westfield Montgomery this weekend on the lower level, center court. April 21, 12-8 PM; April 22, 12-6 PM. 7101 Democracy Blvd., Bethesda, 301-469-6000

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