Introducing DC's Newest Izakaya

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1 - Introducing DC's Newest Izakaya
Daikaya's second floor serves Japanese pub grub and similarly inspired cocktails.

If you still haven’t made it to Daikaya, the Chinatown ramen shop brought to DC in February by co-owners Daisuke Utagawa, Yama Jewayni, and executive chef Katsuya Fukushima, there’s a new reason to stop by.

Visit Daikaya to enjoy savory Sapporo-style ramen and steaming dumplings downstairs, and then move up to the establishment’s second floor to experience the newly opened izakaya, or Japanese tavern. Sitting atop the bustling ramen shop, the space serves small plates and Japanese-inspired cocktails.

Described as ”Japanese tavern pub grub” by Utagawa, patrons shouldn’t expect a sushi menu at the new hot spot. Instead, you’ll find dishes such as miso cod with carrot puree and pickled ginger; grilled Napa cabbage with apples, kewpie-yogurt, and salmon roe; and spicy cod roe spaghetti. “These two places [the ramen shop and izakaya] are the places that we’d [wanted] to go…so we created this little two-story thing, a slice of Tokyo,” says Utagawa. We also suggest trying the new venue’s Japanese whiskey, craft beers, sake, and shochu (a clear Japanese spirit similar to vodka).

And don’t be afraid to stay on the upper level for a while. “It’s a place where one hangs out for a long time. People might get off work at 5…and start eating and drinking and spend the evening,” Utagawa explains. “Upstairs is a place to hang out, eat, drink, be merry…we just want people to be happy.” 705 6th St. NW, 202-589-1600

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