Alton Lane Offers Bespoke Tailoring

| March 26, 2012 | Homepage Latest The Latest

1 - Alton Lane Offers Bespoke TailoringInside Alton Lane’s new shop, in Dupont Circle

When asked why he chose Washington as the ideal place to open Alton Lane’s second custom tailoring showroom, co-owner Peyton Jenkins admits the decision was made for him. “With the significant overlap between business in New York and Washington, we already had a sizable customer base down here before we opened,” Jenkins explains. Alton Lane, which originally started with a New York showroom before adding an online tailoring business, is attempting to revolutionize the men’s clothing market, making custom clothes with a refined, modern sensibility. “Ultimately, our goal is to get our customers in perfectly fitted garments in as short a time as possible,” Jenkins says. Fusing old-world customer service (if you don’t have time to come in, just send in a jacket you like, and they will make it for you in any swatch) and modern technology, including a 3-D body scan, Alton Lane may just have Modern Bespoke down to a science. 1506 19th St. NW, 646-896-1212

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