CityDance Presents Space Junk

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1 - CityDance Presents Space Junk

Expect a unique performance from this weekend's Space Junk.

Ready for a show that’s out of this world? This weekend, our area’s CityDance and CulturalDC’s Mead Theatre Lab Program present resident artist Erica Rebollar’s Space Junk, a postmodern dance production that incorporates movement and projected video (among other elements) to explore the worlds of outer and inner space.

Space Junk is ultimately a metaphor for the rubble that lives and dies within our minds as past experiences, outdated ideas, and misfired thoughts,” says Rebollar, the artistic director of the piece, which is performed by her company, Rebollar Dance. “We use experimentation with light and sound—featuring an original score by composer Charlie Campagna, projected video by David Dowling on the sails above the audience, and unusual use of light by Ben Levine—to examine the irregularities and dichotomies of the mind while exploring the vast, suspended time of outer space.”

You’ll see dancers taking advantage of the space in the theater and using intricate movements along with improvisational elements. “Artistically, while starting rehearsals, we noticed the sterile beauty of the spacious Studio Theater, which inspired ideas into the process of Space Junk,” Rebollar adds. “By noticing interesting parts of the Studio Theater that had not been utilized, Space Junk was developed to make the piece about the space, and the space about the piece.”

This presentation is taking place as part of CityDance’s professional artist series, which features performances from acclaimed resident and guest artists through May 2013. Buy tickets ($17; $15 for students, artists, and seniors) online or at CityDance. Then see Space Junk on Saturday, December 1 at 8 PM or Sunday, December 2 at 7:30 PM in the CityDance Center at Strathmore. 5301 Tuckerman Ln., North Bethesda, 301-581-5204

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