Call to Cause: Lindsey Mask

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1 - Call to Cause: Lindsey Mask
Lindsey Mask

Following the motto “women helping women,” Lindsey Mask and a small group of Washingtonians gathered outside of work to form the women’s organization, and now founding chapter of Ladies America, Ladies DC.

Mask, founder and CEO of Ladies DC, created the organization in 2006, aiming to connect professional women and, as she explains, “combat the old theory that women don’t or can’t work well together.”

LDC has grown to a network of more than 1,300 professionals in the metropolitan area, and has expanded to many cities across the country.

Hosting several events throughout the year, Mask says LDC prides itself on true networking and giving back to the community through charitable happenings, support of the arts, music, military, and entrepreneurship. “Nearly half of our events have a charitable component,” Mask says. “We’re not a volunteer organization, but draw the important distinction that we are ‘professional women that want to give back.’” LDC has supported many organizations, including Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Shoot for Change, Becky’s Fund, and FairFund.

On January 19, LDC will gather with P3 Solutions for the Launch Entrepreneurship networking event, which will provide access to resources for women in business, technology, and beyond.

“The feedback from members of our network blows us away and keeps us driven and dedicated to offering these opportunities to women,” Mask explains. She hopes LDC can “help remove some of the confidence barriers women have had in pushing forward in their careers.”

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