5 Odd Foods Around DC

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1 - 5 Odd Foods Around DC

Quench's Choco-Frito sundae redefines salty-sweet.

Restaurants around Washington are offering creative dishes with inventive ingredient combinations, resulting in marriages of unique, mouthwatering flavors.

Start your “Odd Foods” tour at Café Saint-Ex on 14th Street in Northwest by ordering house-made bread and pork butter spread. Comprised of rendered pork fat, the odd-sounding combination actually tastes like fresh bacon and melting butter on warm, fresh bread. 1847 14th St. NW, 202-265-7839

Another tasty snack can be found at Founding Farmers in Penn Quarter. The flavors of their “popcorn of the day” change daily, ranging from ranch style to Mexican chocolate to Old Bay butter and beyond. 1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, 202-822-8783

Stemming from the seemingly ever-lasting cupcake craze is Bourbon Steak’s savory BBQ pulled pork “cupcake”—a rich cheddar-and-scallion biscuit filled with succulent smoked pork shoulder. The made-to-order comfort food does brisk business after 5 PM; call 20 minutes ahead to ensure you snag one. 2800 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, 202-944-2026

For dessert, upscale neighborhood bar in Rockville, Quench, offers a fired-up take on sweet and salty cuisine with their Choco-Frito sundae. Homemade dark chocolate-and-cinnamon spice Mexican ice cream rests between two layers of Fritos Corn Chip brittle and candied Frito crisps, and is topped with cinnamon whipped cream and a dark chocolate drizzle. 9712 Traville Gateway Dr., Rockville, 301-424-8650

Another odd-sounding but tasty sweet is the Italian-inspired cheesecake at Assaggi Mozzarella Bar in Bethesda. Brown-sugar caramelized rosemary pancetta is mixed with a blend of mascarpone, sheep’s milk ricotta cheese, and orange zest, then baked on an almond crust. 4838 Bethesda Ave., Bethesda, 301-951-1988

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