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January 31, 2012 | by —Kara Manos | Food & Drink News

  Heather Bauer
  Bread is the Devil

Heather Bauer, RD, CDN, has been the go-to gal for thousands of people who want to lose weight safely. Her book, Bread is the Devil (St. Martin’s Press 2012), written with co-author Kathy Matthews, is out now.

CAPITOL FILE: Bread is so the devil! Tell us about how you came up with this concept.
I had many clients who came to see me and while they were successful in losing weight, they would walk back in and say they gained back a few pounds. Food is always in your face, whether it’s dining out frequently, night eating or being an emotional eater, so it prompts us to eat. “Bread is the f***ing devil!” and that’s what prompted this book. It’s never the turkey—it’s the pasta or the bread basket, the cookies, the pretzels… something in that category that makes it so addictive.

CF: What are some tips for avoiding these cravings?
The late night shuffle is something so many people struggle with. Night eaters should push back their dinner time. Eat dinner closer to 8 PM. Be more strategic with your afternoon snack. Try a fiber cracker with cheese. Within 30 minutes of dinner, eat an orange or grapefruit because it takes time to peel and eat each slice.

CF: How would you define Washington’s eating habits?
DC is very similar to New York in terms of the fast-paced, busy, work environment. People in DC feel strong about health and wellness. There’s still a popular dining out and social culture so they face the same challenges that New Yorkers face. It’s all about being strategic.

CF: How can the busy workers get away from always eating at their desk?
Your desk is a mindless place, you’re focused on work instead of eating and for that people tend to eat mindlessly so you need to get away from your desk. When you’re stepping out for lunch, you’re interacting with people and talking. It’s a healthy thing to do. My best suggestion would be to “brown bag it” and take your lunch somewhere.

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