Their styles have been parsed, critiqued, and, in some cases, mimicked by millions. Fashion historian Valerie Steele examines the appeal of some of the most fashionable first ladies, and we offer a few baubles to give you that winning balance of power and femininity.

Large vintage pearl and diamond earrings ($4,175), Radcliffe Jewelers. Towson Town Center, 410-321-6590. Seven-strand pearl necklace with signature diamond clasp, Ivanka Trump ($26,500). Radcliffe Jewelers (see above)

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy was and probably remains the most fashionable first lady of modern times. She had an extraordinary understanding of how to use fashion to create a positive image for her husband’s administration. It wasn’t just that her clothes were always appropriate; she embodied a mid-century modernism, which was sleek, spare, and always just enough. Think of her pillbox hat, her sheath dresses, her Chanel-style suits: She was interested in fashion, and she embodied the feeling of haute couture.

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