There's something exceedingly special about a soufflé—festive, delicious, and in most circles considered an enormous culinary feat. Not brave enough to bake one yourself? Head to one of these four spots for a professionally rendered version.  

Trust us, and order the Grand Marnier soufflé from this charming Georgetown bistro in advance; you won’t regret it. Odds are that, throughout your meal, you’ll be dreaming of the moist, delectable dessert headed your way. 2813 M St. NW


Chef Shannon Overmiller whips up individual soufflés that are bursting to the bubbly brim with goat cheese and grits. Hearty and elegant, the mini soufflés are served either with or without pork. 911 King St., Alexandria

Pastry chef Anthony Chavez creates fanciful, sophisticated desserts with a French flair. His eggnog tarte soufflé (shown here) is all about the chestnut sable, which holds the light, sugary eggnog concoction, topped with perfect peaks of meringue. 2941 Fairview Park Dr., Falls Church

Brunch just got a little more interesting with a twicebaked, upside-down cheese soufflé, part of the restaurant’s seasonal menu. A sauce of leeks is poured over it, and a tasty tomato marmalade is a sweet complement to the savory goodness. 929 F St. NW

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